Taipei> Wan Xiang duck>the glossy duck skin is my favorite!


If you want to eat peking roasted duck in Taipei, locally recommended is “Wan Xiang duck”.

Unlike the methods to prepare peking duck, “close oven style”, the crisp skin and the fat and meat is separated, the “open oven style” is more common in Taiwan.

Carved roast duck with the“open oven style” includes skin and meat, besides, duck skin in “Wan Xiang”, the glossy and caramel colour with a bit of caramel flavor is my favorite.

They also provide pancake, spring onion, onion and sweet bean sauce, you can use them make a duck roll.

The remaining duck will be stir-fried with basil, garlic, spring onion and sauce.

For NT$50 more dollars, they will add some cabbage when stir-fried duck. It’s another flavor.

some tips for ordering Wan Xiang duck

1, The menu provides two choses. (half duck for 2 persons, whole duck for 4 persons.)
2, A set includes two eat ways. (Carved roast duck and stir-fried duck)
3, Addition purchase price plus NT$50 for cabbage/NT$10 for pancake.
4, Only take-away service is provided here.
5, Recommend to order by phone first.

Wan Xiang duck (萬香烤鴨莊)
No.1, Sec. 3, Chongcing S. Rd., Jhongjheng Dist., Taipei City 10076, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
(located at the junction between Chongqing S. Rd and Ningbo W. St.)

hours: 10AM~8PM (Mon-Sun)